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Unified sales and marketing dashboard

The best IT solutions for business, personally tested by us

CRM system running like clockwork and
sales automation

Performance marketing technologies
and end-to-end analytics


Official partner Kommo

The Kommo partner community unites thousands of companies with a huge variety of additional solutions. Thanks to this, we can achieve the best correspondence between the CRM configuration and the client's business task.



per month per employee

  • Digital sales funnel
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Chatbot builder
  • Auto document generation
  • Own data structure


per month per employee

  • Neural network and auto-replies to customers
  • Sales scripting automation
  • Loyalty system
  • Recurring purchases and retargeting
  • Backup and monitoring

Advantages of amoCRM/Kommo (RU and International versions)


The most clear and convenient CRM for building long-term relationships with customers. Every customer request is processed and does not depend on the skill and mood of the manager. Your team will be comfortable working with the system from day one and you will not be losing any more customers.


Customer base under lock and key. Even in the case of sick leave or dismissal of employees, information about transactions will remain with the company. Information is not distorted or lost. All phone calls, chats, letters and notes are stored in one database. 


The sales process is automatic. The task of the manager is to do their job well, and not to cherry-pick the most convenient clients. The system itself will set and control tasks, create documents, send letters and answer the client in messengers and in social networks. CRM will free employees from routine and help them sell more.


All communication with customers, suppliers and colleagues occurs inside a single system. Right inside amoCRM you will create full-fledged mini-landing pages with multi-links without any additional designers website builders, beautiful selling sales emails and robots to automate standard scripts. You will be able to control conversions at each stage of the funnel.


Full control over your employees. The manager sees the productivity of each manager and knows when to intervene and how to help. You receive a daily message with analytics about which tasks are completed and which are overdue.


Business is at your fingertips. Get clear reports, transfer data to external systems for sophisticated real-time analytics. The system is easily scalable thanks to a huge number of integrations with third-party services.


We create reliable solutions

15 years experience in IT
and business consulting

€ 300 million in revenues
in client cases

500% ROMI on average
working with us

customer support


How do we work?


First, we will brainstorm with your team, prescribe list all the goals and KPIs. We will develop a digital strategy and begin to eliminate put out fires in critical areas of the business.


Next, we will make a detailed step-by-step work plan, which will clearly show: what exactly will be done, who is responsible, who is accountable, the cost and date of completion.


We will develop and launch a scalable sales system. We connect all the necessary marketing tools: CRM, advertising, mailing lists, analytics and communication channels.


We will decompose outline the strategy by weeks, which will allows you to easily monitor the targets. We will debug the system. We will train your team, write regulations and instructions.


How do we do it?


We will develop a strategy and prescribe a step-by-step algorithm for business growth


We implement a CRM system with full automation of processes 


We will build a sales communication with customers in different channels 


Apply performance marketing and growth hacking technologies


We'll prescribe scenarios for sales funnels and set up end-to-end analytics 

Control Desk

Combine all components into a single sales management system

Our Customers

Electronics distributor

We've adapted the CRM to the main tasks in the export, import, logistics, and claims departments. Automated the search for new customers and suppliers, and launched the process of verifying compliance with the requirements of regulators and vendors.
We introduced control over the managers' compliance with the standards and regulations.
We integrated Skype, the mail server, and developed a customized solution for reflecting important CRM events in Microsoft Teams.
We added tools to control hanging deals, filling in mandatory fields, checking for duplicates, and automatically moving tasks from weekends to business days. Selected widgets to improve the interface and differentiate access to the documents and information in the client cards.

SIA Baltic Biotechnologies
Marine Collagen Producer

Combined the website, online store, social networks, messengers, CRM and a system of pass-through analytics into a single system. Loaded the CRM purchase history and customer database. Made so that the system itself sends orders to the warehouse for picking collection and delivery to the client transport company. If there are problems with the order, tasks are automatically set for the employees. We built the process of controlling the balance of relationships with partners by tracking deferral terms and payment reminders. We automated the creation of documents and logistics of sending sets of goods. Established direct communication channels with customers in messengers and social networks with recording of dialogs in CRM. Added widgets for file storage and a Telegram notification service for critical tasks.

SIA LatDevelopment
Luxury Real Estate Developer

Comprehensive branding and business process change project for an elite cottage community. Developed promotion strategies for Latvian and CIS markets. Built sales systems with IT-technologies: put CRM, IP-telephony, developed sales funnelsfunnel of sales, created a website, started targeting and SMM, connected messengers, email dispatch distribution. We worked on our reputation, collected feedback from the residents, considered all the wishes and improved the customer service for the residents. Constantly updating the customer base for retargeting. Once paid Having paid once for the attraction of a client, we do not spend money to keep him. Many customers who do not need a house for rent or for sale right now gladly come to us a little later or recommend us to their friends.

SIA Guitarplace 
Guitar School

When the number of students exceeded 200, it became clear that it was no longer possible without automation. Classes at the school are held in different languages, in offline and online formats.
The main task of the CRM implementation was to automate such routine processes as phone calls to clients, arranging groups of students, preparing the schedule of classes, billing, payment control, registration of class attendance and sending materials for classes. Free up management time and strengthen marketing.

SIA Forevers
Meat Processing Plant

Conducted a comprehensive IT system audit and developed an upgrade strategy using cloud and hybrid technologies. Developed a plan to transition to a flexible architecture capable of adapting to enterprise growth. Suggested technologies for the implementation of automation projects in the areas of sales, customer service, logistics, production and planning. Selected a set of solutions for CRM, ERP, planning, warehouse management, analytics, data warehouse and portals for b2b & b2c markets.

SIA Fristads Baltics Showroom 
Manufacturer of workwear 

Automated key task setting and task control. Created sales funnels for retail and wholesale clients. Integrated database of counteragents. Automated processing of new customers. Integrated services for e-mail marketing and tracking responses to emails. Created CRM questionnaires to collect customer information. Connected integrations with Zoom, Mailchimp, Google, and widgets for bulk deal creation.

Services and prices

Comprehensive audit of IT, marketing and sales

from €1000

For those who want to know the truth. You will understand how the current level of automation and marketing allow you to implement your sales and company development strategies.

- we will interview key employees
- test the IT infrastructure for relevance and efficiency
- test sales channels, customer communications and funnels
- propose the best solutions for growth and automation of your company
- draw up a step-by-step terms of reference to match your budget

Quick Start

from €2400

Basic setup and launch in 2 weeks. For the small sales department, when you need to get sales up and running quickly. Your goal is to get your first system sales experience on a limited budget.

- connect the main sales funnel and lead sources
- integrate email, social networks and additional widgets for easy operation
- set up user rights
- we will give a basic training on working with the system.
- provide technical support 24*7 and development

Implementation of a sales system

from €7200

For small businesses, mid-sized sales teams or startups. The number of system users from 5 people and you want to implement modern technologies for rapid sales growth or increase managers' efficiency.

- we will introduce automatic setting of tasks when clients move through the funnel
- we will set up digital funnels for each promotion channel and product type
- develop and set up chat-bots
- prescribe outline scenarios of interaction with clients in emails, calls, messengers and conversion tracking
- we'll create a system of repeat sales and loyalty
- we'll set up IP-telephony with virtual PBX
- let's connect automatic generation of documents and promotional materials
- we'll introduce tools for process management and analytics

Implementation of a business management system

from €25000

You face the task of building a unified marketing and sales management system. In the medium business, the project can transform into the construction of enterprise management system with the integration of the following functions: CRM, ERP, manufacturing process management and back office, the deployment of an Internet portal for online trading in the b2c and b2b channels. The technology is based on extensive use of Low&No Code approaches, which makes it possible to reduce timeframe for development and implementation of such a project to 6-9 months.

- design and launch automated workstations
- set up benchmark business processes with execution control
- we will make create integrations with order and payment management, logistics, warehousing and financial systems
- we link end-to-end analytics and external BI systems
- we can develop partners and dealers accounts
- we can automate the creation of commercial offers
- complex work scenarios for notification systems, IP telephony and chat bots


Maintenance and modernization

from €250 / month

For companies whose business is constantly evolving and requires regular work to improve the efficiency of the system. 

- monitoring the system quality of the system, recommendations on correcting employee errors
- analysis of existing processes, their modernization and system tuning
- selection of new solutions and best practices to meet the requirements of business development
- provision of server resources for non-standard developments and integrations
- regular meetings with your team

Custom Design

 from €50/h

For companies that are not suitable for ready-made solutions. You have already worked with a system using standard tools and realized that they do not meet the requirements of your business processes. In this case investing in custom development will help you create your own infrastructure that meets your needs 100%.

- perform analysis of business processes
- draw up requirements specification
- design a solution
- deploy it in your system and test it
- free technical support

Strategic Marketing

от €800/month

If you have a complex product and its implementation strategy requires qualitative elaboration thorough/comprehensive analysis. If there is a risk that mistakes in your marketing strategies can lead to large losses. If you do not have a strong marketing/traffic manager, or lack competencies in certain areas of digital marketing - we assemble a cross-functional team and build all of your marketing processes turnkey.

- digital consulting: consulting, project support, competitive analysis, promotion strategies and media planning.
- creation of conversion lenges landing pages, websites, dealer offices, B2B portals, online stores
- let's test customer acquisition channels and set up lead generation (content promotion, SEO, targeting, contextual advertising)
- let's build up client engagement a chain of clients' heating up for increasing of involvement and loyalty with the help of social networks, mailing lists, feedback, online platforms, media and media, online or offline events.


Remote control 

CRM that runs like clockwork and sales on autopilot. Sales and marketing automation with an easily managed platform. A roadmap for growing your business.

A marketing strategy

Clear schemes to attract customers through performance marketing. Increased conversion to sales through the use of modern digital tools.

Scaling of the business

Step-by-step algorithm for attracting partners, entering new markets or increasing market share. A single dashboard to manage sales and marketing.

Working tools

Tools to multiply profits with a rapid ROI as early as 16 weeks after implementation. IT solutions for business that we have personally tested.

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